Folks there is just way too many. Eventually this will all be released.

Every Foreclosure/REO/Short Sale out there is virtually like this!

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The attached documents are almost always the sole “evidence” showing the right of a foreclosing entity/servicer (or their shell National Bank Cover ie: US Bank) to foreclose on an American family’s home, evicting them from the only shelter that may be available to them.

Millions of examples of this and other “robo-signers” available upon request.

Of note, please see the last attachment; her deposition where she denies any “personal knowledge” or even a cursory glance at the facts of the case.

America………..what a heartache……….

ANOTHER POINT IS THEY seem to be different signature. Some have loops and some do not.


Federal money to knock down 450 blighted properties in 45 days: MICHIGAN

You mean to tell me you cannot place homeless families in these?? Lets get Habitat for Humanity in here…this doesn’t smell right!

Clergy, Wayne County Partner To Demolish Homes

Sarah Cwiek (2010-05-11)
One of the homes targeted for demolition in Detroit Sarah Cwiek/Michigan Radio

DETROIT, MI (MICHIGAN RADIO) – Wayne County and some of Detroit’s biggest religious institutions are partnering in a push to demolish vacant homes.

The plan is to use more than $4 million in Federal money to knock down 450 blighted properties in 45 days.

12 clergy members worked with the County to identify “target areas” for demolition near their churches. A number of the leaders plan to use that land to develop housing projects.

Bishop Edgar Vann of Second Ebenezer Church says that’s appropriate because churches are rooted in the community.

“You don’t see other developers coming in here to in any great numbers to try to develop communities,” Vann says. “We’re the ones, along with the partnerships that we have, who are taking this on because we have the people in our hearts.”

There are an estimated 33,000 vacant homes within the city of Detroit. The city demolished 860 last year.
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