MERS Executive Team

These are the ONLY & REAL President and Vice Presidents as listed on MERS website. If you have a MERS Assignment of Mortgage and non of these executives signed them seek an attorney right away.

R.K. Arnold
President & CEO

R.K. Arnold serves as President & CEO of MERSCORP, Inc. and its subsidiary, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. He joined MERS at its inception in 1996, and served as Senior Vice President & General Counsel until his promotion to President in 1998. He is a member of the MERS Board of Directors. His team has built MERS into the central electronic registry for the mortgage finance industry.

Dan McLaughlin
Executive Vice President & Product Division Manager

Dan McLaughlin serves as Executive Vice President and Product Division Manager for MERS. He is responsible for all product development and integration activities for MERS members. Dan was the architect of the MERS® System and designs the business processes and procedures under which MERS operates. He also manages the relationship with EDS, the MERS technology provider.

Bill Hultman
Senior Vice President & Corporate Division Manager

Bill Hultman serves as Senior Vice President and Corporate Division Manager. He is responsible for law, finance and human resources. He holds the additional corporate titles of Secretary and Treasurer.

Douglas Danko
Vice President, Customer Group Manager

Douglas Danko serves as Vice President of the Customer Group. He is responsible for sales, marketing and all customer-related activities.

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