FORENSIC AUDIT (FMI) & Securitization

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Forensic Mortgage Investigation Corp, (FMI) located in South Florida, is a leading provider of automated and manual regulatory compliance audits to Law offices, mortgage industry’s largest originators and investors, as well as medium and small size companies. Using the latest technological audit software, along with easy to understand language, we address all applicable regulatory compliance requirements as well as any Federal and State violations.

Contact: FMI (English-Spanish-Portugese) FMI Corp. are not attorney’s.

An extremely valuable tool for attorney’s and individuals who are overwhelmed and do not know where to begin.

About FMI:

Victor Cabanas is a mortgage examiner with a vast experience base from inside the Banks, Lenders and Correspondent lenders for many years, therefore FMI is not the average Forensic Loan Auditors, they go far into researching any potential red flags from the day the borrower signed the initial mortgage application (TILA-RESPA-HOEPA) up to the day the Banks sold in the secondary market the Note and Mortgage (Securitization Chain Research – Assignment of Mortgage test-Compare Signatures-Pleading sample base on red flag findings)

Victor has 20+ years experience in Management support in the Finance and Banking Industry, He has developed a very comprehensive and accurate audit report that is easy to understand and place your client into the offensive position rather than a defensive position.

Please do not hesitate to contact FMI if you should ever need any assistance in a Forensic Audit.

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