Even SANTA has Assignment Issues!

I could not believe my good left eye when I saw this!!

Take a close look at the HOOFPRINTS on this!!!…They all resemble the notary. Also notice the assignor has the same address as the assignee? Wonder if SERS has the right as a nominee. It was assigned in 2001 and recorded in 2012?? Executed in 2013?? The Notary expired in 2011? HUH??

Looking further I found out that Som DOE is an actual employee of Law Offices Of Raindeer’s ASS. P.A., and Rudolph’s was shut down for eating too many berries in yards in 2003! Notary never even stamped this!!!

Also I noticed it says return to “Pretender Lendeer”! Judge for yours*elves*. I wonder if he tried calling the number listed for a modification 1-800- I *8* 1 *2?

 In all seriousness, this is just as VALID as those being recorded in your county.

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