Cannot Confirm “YET” but HIGH FORCES are possibly investigating fraud on this blog. To make it even more satisfying, shortly after I received an email from a person in DC, I began to see the light from this dark cloud that looms above our homes. I sense something happening soon.

Keep sending your letters and emails to anyone who may have the power to seek those that hide…eventually someone will take notice and you never know who you will hear from!

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“Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Me”

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  1. I firmly believe that it is necessary to carry the cases to the Hill————-but must be deailed proofs —not speculation

    unless one is speculating in a small way based on extensive experience in or with the financial industry

    i am a tax attorney-26 years with USS and MRO as generakl tax counsel etc——-reviewing dozens upon dozens of investment banker proposals-i know how they operate ———participated in syndication activities on large leveraged real estate limited partnerships where the cash flows were sliced and diced —-these securitizations remind me very much of those —-on steroids–and without any sense of restraint or regulation–or concern about being called out on their misrepresentations

    for AHM 2004-4 the now bankrupt syndicators lehman and bear sterns and now bankrupt originator and servicer american home mortgage and ahmsi–were unrelenting in turning every last stone to effect a fraud on MBS investors

    they did baitn switch on the public employee pension funds—those thought they were buying MBS backed by conforming fixed rate high quality loans—-those tranches were marketed as straight real estate paper plays——–but the funds dod not look at the subordination provisions that effectively shifted the cash flows away from these tranches to favored class 1 tranches that were actually backed by predatory loans that had illusory teaser rates and 5 yr cliffs

    these class 1 tranches were sold as pure bonds supported by the cash flows from the entire trust pool

    each tranch was sold to targeted investor types and the subordibnated tranches were sold to suckers pension funds while the class 1 tranch went to favored investors like bill gates and chinese /koreans at a premium

    the suckers paid a premium too because they thought they were buying mbs supported by safe mortgages

    in fact as the group1/class 2 predatory loans went south –the proceeds of foreclosure went to the fac=vored investors as accelerated cash flows

    it dint matter if 30cents on the dollar because the cash flows fro the rest of the trust–the sucker subordinated tranch pools went to backfill the losses in the class 1 tranch’s mortgage pool———the clas 1 mbs were actuually benefitted by rapid foreclosure–they got bonus payments of upfront cash——-if the foreclosures resulted in losses of 60% or 70% they dint care cause the loss was made up from below –from the teachers pools

    they used the predatory loans to provide quick up front payouts and supported the outstanding unredeemed mbs in the priority class 1 by mortgage loan monthly payments made by the safe mortgages that the teachers thought they bought intop-that delivered safe predictable cash streanms over 20-30 years

    it really is ingenious how they cheated the pensions and insurers for the benefit of their best clients—-this fraud was created by the investment bankers to steal monet fron pensions and shift it to high roller clients–many overseas

    the predatory loans that we see are just tools used to perptrate the fraud by giving out unusauallu fast high return payouts

    and i said bill gates because i tracked the cusip for aghm 2004-4 series mbs class1 [the predatory loan group] to bill and melinda gates foundation tax returns which are on the internet

    also to investors that read their materials in korean—-so when my home is sold at a sheriffs sale the proceeds after the substantial cut going to AHMSI/Wilbur ross and LPS -will if anything left will be sprayed out to bill gayes tax shelter foundation and foreign investors–none of whom pay a penny in us income taxes

    all this is also a superclever tax shelter——–if you want to know who put it together look at the lawfirms tax partners that supported lehman and bear sterns-these guys probly were shared by all the investment banks——-go after the wal streey tax attys if you want the details

    they also erected the fancy real estate investment trust used by ahm-and the tax avoidant subsidiary trusts used to avoid tax on the gain and provide an apparent separation from lawsuits by predated homeowners –the trusts claim holder in due course status -but really were just off balance sheet appendages of ahm

    the trust form was cool-it posted great earnings cause it held for investment the mbs and booked income as the assets appreciated when the teasers adjusted end of 1st month——–but had no distributable income to the reit holders because was all accrual of negative amortization–no cash receipts realized or recognized

    —-then after the book gains recognized they held for a while then splod mbs to gates etc———then set the whole thing to fail so the favorites like ross and john paulso could buty up the mbs on the cheap—–then to lock it in and cover it up ross buys ahmsi assets -collects 100 cents even thoufgh he paid 5 cents—

    its in his television interviews”ball we had” -except the bloomberg press has re-edited the tape after i put it in the complaint-to edit out those comments

    but they failed to pull the written transcript off the web-ive got it—–it shows the cover-up-watergate where are you-wheres sam ervine when we need him

  2. nobody understands what i just said do they?

    thats how they did it the 1st place and why they will get away with it———-i wish i could work fot the doj to help em out——but cutrrently work for another agency in dc

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