The more they destroy our lives, the more we lose our identity!


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  1. They are already doing a pretty good job of doing that for us——–Goldmans antics creating bad Greek debt and then pulling the pins out yesterday has cost US pensioners hundreds of billions just in the last 24 hours.

  2. May I suggest another option also——-plan on a concerted effort to meet your Congressmen in May before the Finreg bill and tech amendments bill and regs go thru——doctors did it on health care–farmers did it on farm bill etc-they expect it

    we can establish an umbrella name-group Citizens against mortgage fraud or some such thing-and go meet em

    I live in Dc and will be happy to work with a couple others here of like mind to set up these mtgs and work with anybody out there to do point papers and handouts etc-this is how its done-they need to hear from somebody other than bankers -there is no organization or agency that has the mission of protecting homeowner rights–thats wrong and its our fault!

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