ERIC FRIEDMAN It’s your turn to wear the hats…By the way thanks for the Power Of Attorney to Stern!

Ok folks…here we have Eric & Erica.

 We all know some of the many hats Erica Johnson-Seck wears…so whats a few more. Just like her,  Eric Friedman joins her with some signings and also gives Law Offices of David J. Stern Power Of Attorney via IndyMac.

N0tice how it may be the same person signing for all on the POA? Eric also signs documents for Florida Default Group now would this be a conflict? What makes of this POA since Eric’s signatures aren’t consistent and is an officer of other banks too?

Oh and they didn’t want notary Mai Thao to feel left out so they let “Mai”  in on it too.

  • Notice original banks ceased operations before these were assigned.
  • They “fabricated” these assignments to back date and record months after.
  • Notice no addresses because their is none.
  • IndyMac itself was ceased by the FDIC in 7/11/2008 and sold to OneWest 3/19/2009.

One Response

  1. I believe I am the victim of this same fraud. My assignment of mortgage was pre dated to April 24th, after the attorney’s stated that they “lost my original note on May 13th”. It was signed by Eric Friedman and Erica Johnson-seck, but was not dated by either them or the notary. The entire document lacks any dates of signitures. The signitures are the same on the docs that are witnessed by victoria and cheryl but different than the others (ie. seck does not sign her full name when these two are witnesses) It is notorized by Josie Salazar (again without any dates. It also doesn’t say who they are working on behalf of or who they were authorized by. Obviously a fraudulent document and someone needs to investigate these people and this company for fraud. They are trying to steal our homes no different than a thief that comes in with a gun.

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