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Following tip some people are working on:

“Deutsche Bank National Trust passed the certificate to the administator of the main trust Maples Finance Limited, You want to check out Indymac c1-1 Corp they are incorporated in Cayman Islands.”

This is where most of the Corporations are formed.

Maples Finance, which provides clients with a multi-jurisdictional legal and specialized management service from offices in Jersey, the British Virgin Islands and Dublin as well as the Cayman Islands. Maples Finance also provides management and administration services for Cayman Islands’ investment funds and Cayman Islands’ structured finance vehicles.

Maples Finance provides directives to structured finance vehicles which undertake a wide range of transactions including, loans and loan programmes, collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), cashflow CDOs, securitizations and structured investment vehicles.

All of which have been issued to and are held by Maples Finance Limited, a licensed trust company incorporated in the Cayman Islands (in such capacity, the ” Trustee Share“), under the terms of a declaration of trust in favor of charitable purposes. The Issuer will not have any material assets other than the Collateral Securities and certain other eligible assets. The Collateral Securities and such other eligible assets will be pledged to the Trustee as security for the Issuer’s obligations under the Notes and the Indenture.


Who’s Your Daddy 101? by: Nye Lavalle

Pay attention or get an (F) for FORECLOSURE!

Nye Lavalle Said:

This may sound crude, but it’s the only analogy that’s easy for people and judges to understand.

A woman goes to a party or is promiscuous and sleeps with 6 men in a night or week. The following week she is pregnant. There is one man who is the best looking, strongest, best shape and richest of them all, so she wants him to be the father. Two other men who find out she’s pregnant claim paternity. NOW, before the age of DNA and computers and all, it was simply someone’s word and testimony against another.

However, with the advent o DNA testing and sequencing genes, we can tell who the father is. So, a judge would understand the following:

Judge, this has been a very promiscuous note. It’s gotten around (transfered, pledged, sold, assigned) quite a bit and it never used protection (recording in public records and indorsing note). After being with at least a dozen different partners, our note is now pregnant (ripe for pay off/liquidation).

The MOM (MERS, servicers) says Daddy #1 is the daddy, but the baby (original note) has blond hair and blue eyes judge and the mom and claimed dad are both dark hair and dark eyes so we’re suspicious.

Two dark hair and brown eyes men come forward and state: Judge we both slept with this woman during the time she claimed to be pregnant. Now, 3 different men have potential paternity.

NOW, THE ONLY WAY you can determine who the father (holder in due course) is to take blood samples (accounting, servicing, custody, and investor reports and data) from EACH MAN (servicer//transferee etc..) to see who’s DNA it was and all the others to determine the dad and who owes child support.

Unless you do the DNA (forensic analyses of all docs and records), it doesn;t matter what the bank lawyers, or servicers say, it what really transpired here!

Without seeing where that NOTE (not mortgage) came on and off anyones books; how it was endorsed and when; who has possession and custody and who negotiated the note and PAID for it, you’ll never be able to answer the age old question, “WHO’S YOUR DADDY?”

After One Year, Obama Plan to Help Modify Second Mortgages Modifies NONE… Nada, Ziperino!

via Mandelman Matters


Well, woohoo! It’s been just a few weeks shy of one year since the Obama Administration announced its plan to help 1.5 million homeowners modify their second mortgages, and the program has actually done something I did not think was possible. It’s actually managed to help… no one!

Come on… that’s hard to do. I mean, even Bush’s Hope-4-Homeowners infamous debacle managed to modify one mortgage after six or so months. Sure, it was probably just an accident, but this is a big country. You’ve gotta’ think that no matter how stupid the government program is, one of whatever will simply slip through the cracks somehow. But in this case… no! As my Greek in-laws would say… Opah!

Wow. Someone deserves some sort of prize or at least a plaque of some distinction. Has this ever been achieved before in these United States, or anywhere else for that matter?

I mean, I would venture to guess that if the government announced a program whereby a U.S. citizen was required to send in $100 in order to receive a bag of flaming dog poo on their front step, well… more than one bag would get delivered… maybe even more than one each month. Oh sure, the government would probably deliver the bag of flaming poo late and to the wrong address, but still.

The program was a part of the administration’s fabulously successful, $75 billion Home Affordable Modification Program (“HAMP”) that has done absolutely nothing to change the foreclosure crisis for the better, but even it claims 170,000 loan modifications. Deduct for lender lying, incompetent reporting and political puffery and that still leaves eighty or ninety thousand people that saved a couple of bucks on their mortgage payments at the very least, right?

According to a story in the Huffington Post, the plan was announced last April. Treasury released guidelines in August. And five weeks ago, Bank of America, the largest mortgage servicer in the country with three million seconds signed up. Five weeks ago. Stop it… they’ve been busy.

But wait… Bank of America’s spokesperson said a few days ago that the bank was STILL awaiting guidelines from Treasury before they would proceed to ignore them. A Treasury spokesperson responded by saying that the bank could technically begin the process now. To which the Bank of America spokesperson said: No we can’t. To which the Treasury’s spokesperson said back: Yes, you could… technically. To which Bank of America’s spokesperson replied: Your mother could… technically. To which Treasury’s spokesperson said: Yeah, well I know I am, but what are you? And then she ran off stage crying.


Last week, Vikram Pandit, who is Citigroup’s CEO and whose name sounds like a Bond villain set to take over the world by blowing a giant hole in the earth’s atmosphere, told a Congressional Oversight Panel why Citi has not yet signed up to participate in the program:

“We’ve said to the Treasury we’re willing to work with them as to what this program is. We have just seen the details. I think it’s prudent for us to go through that before we sign on.”

He’s right. Take your time, Vikram… or Vik… do you suppose it’s okay if I call him “Vik”? Don’t let anyone rush you into something that might save the U.S. economy. You just keep focused on how to continue to justify your job and pay out bonuses as you run a bank that should have been placed in receivership ages ago. We gave Citi $320 billion in loan guarantees last year, along with tens of billions in TARP funds, in case you have successfully suppressed the unpleasant memory of watching Timmy Geithner explaining the accounting shenanigans he’d come up with on television on Monday morning as he stood shoulder with someone from the Singapore Sovereign Wealth Fund. I haven’t, obviously.

RealtyTrac says there were 3 million homes lost to foreclosure, so figure closer to four, and RealtyTrac admits that this year could be worse. One reason is that so many distressed homeowners do in fact have second mortgages. The Obama Administration has estimated that “up to 50 percent of at-risk mortgages currently have second liens.” So, that’s a lot.

According to the Huffington Post, the fact sheet that came along with the administration’s April 28, 2009, announcement of the second lien program noted:

Second liens contribute to the number of American homeowners unable to afford their housing payments. Even where a first mortgage payment may be affordable, the addition of a second mortgage payment can increase monthly payments beyond affordable levels. In addition, second mortgages often complicate or prevent modification or refinancing of a first mortgage.

The Second Lien Program will help create a sustainably affordable mortgage payment for millions of homeowners who qualify for a first mortgage modification, yet still face challenges in affording their monthly payments because of a second mortgage.

According to Citi’s regulatory filings, about 42 percent of the bank’s second mortgages are now worth more than the underlying assets. See… plenty of time. Don’t jump into anything too quickly, Vik baby. Steady as she goes.
Okay, so it’s only been a year. We can’t expect miracles from Washington. They’re busy, and they have a lot more important things to do than deal with problems created by second mortgages.

In a totally unrelated story…
Here’s a congressional schedule from March 21, 2010:

A. H.R. 4840 – To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1979 Cleveland Avenue in Columbus, Ohio, as the “Clarence D. Lumpkin Post Office”.

B. H.Res. 1174 – Supporting the goals and ideals of National Women’s History Month.

C. H.Res. 1075 – Commending the members of the Agri-business Development Teams of the National Guard for their efforts, together with personnel of the Department of Agriculture and the United States Agency for International Development, to modernize agriculture practices and increase food production in war-torn countries.

D. Up to twenty minutes of debate on a Ryan (R-WI) Unfunded Mandated Point of Order and possible postponed suspensions.

E. Up to twenty minutes of debate on an Earmark Point of Order.

F. Up to one hour of debate on the Rule to provide consideration for the Motion to Concur in the Senate Amendments to H.R. 3590 – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – and H.R. 4872 – Reconciliation Act of 2010.

G. Up to two hours of general debate on the Motion to Concur in the Senate Amendments to H.R. 3590 – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – and H.R. 4872 – Reconciliation Act of 2010.

See what I mean… they’re busy in Congress and certainly don’t need to be placed under additional pressure by the likes of us, American homeowners, who pay their salaries and hold back the urge to storm the proverbial castle every day… although admittedly most of us accomplish this by taking drugs like Adivan and Zanax. I, for example, have taken to taking ice baths until hypothermia sets in.

Nice job, Team Obama! You’ve really accomplished something here. What’s next? Come one… we want another government housing rescue plan to watch fail.

I know… I had suggested this when Hope-4-Homeowners was still around, but what would you think about a good old fashioned lottery… or wait… I know… you could hide five Golden Tickets in chocolate Wonky bars.

Whoever finds a Golden Ticket simply calls the government hotline, waits 4-6 hours on hold, and then someone from Housing and Urban Development shows up, pays off a neighbor’s home by mistake, and then sends you a 1099 for a half a million in loan forgiveness, taxable as ordinary income.

Oompa Loompa doompadee doo
I’ve got a government program for you
Oompa Loompa doompadah dee
If you’re underwater you’ll soon live in a tree!

What do you get with a loan mod from HAMP?
A surprise trustee sale and a book of food stamps.
Why don’t you try simply walking away?
Or are you too programmed to obey?

You’ll have no
You’ll have no
You’ll have no
You’ll have no
You’ll have no high credit score!

(No more monthly bills either.)

Oompa Loompa Doompadee Dah
Don’t pay your mortgage, you won’t have to go far
You can rent down the street for much less.
Like the Oompa Oompa Loompas…

And end your distress!

Don’t just shoot it down out of hand… give it some time… consider it for a few days… set it out on the back porch and see if the cat licks it up. And if you still don’t think it’s worth a try, then what the heck… count me in for a $100 bag of flaming poo!

Come on… chant it with me… Yes we can. Yes we can.

Follow the Trail —Don’t get lost in the documents

Posted on March 25, 2010 by Neil Garfield


See for Deutsch bank references Prospectus offered all over the world: Anyone who had a Deed of Trust with: Indymac, Wells Fargo, Countrywide, GMAC, Ocwen, American Home, Residential Funding Company, Washington Mutual Bank, BofA, and many others you might want to check this link out.

Editor’s Note: The only thing I would add is that the obligation arose when the borrower executed a note, but the creditor got a securitized bond with different terms, deriving its value from your note and thousands of others. Once you realize that the obligation is NOT the same as the Note, which is only EVIDENCE of the obligation, and that the MORTGAGE is NOT the obligation, it is only incident to the note, THEN you will understand that following the money means following the obligation, not the note or the mortgage. And figuring out what effect there was on the obligation at each step that the note was transferred, bought or paid, is the key to understanding whether the note became a negotiable instrument, and if it did, if it retained that status as a negotiable instrument.

FROM Jan van Eck

to foreclosurefight:

What you are missing in your attempt to analyze this is that you are trying to follow the “mortgage,” not the Note. the reason you are doing this is that only the “mortgage,” as the Security Instrument, is being recorded on the land records – so it is all you get to see.

the reason your adversaries, whoever they really are, “withdrew” from the relief from Stay Motion in the BK Court is that they do not have the Note. Somebody else does. And you have no clue as to who that is.

You have to start by determining what has happened to the Note, and how the Indorsements on the Note flow. And you have not seen the Note, not in years, so the raw truth is that you have no clue.

the “mortgage” never went into any “Trust.” Mortgages do not go into trusts. Only the Note (“maybe”) went into a trust – and only if it had proper Indorsement. Since Deutsche is involved, you can safely bet that it did not. Deutsche is NOTORIOUS for perpetrating fraud on the Courts and by fabricating documents. You may assume that EVERYTHING that Deutsche shows up with is a fraud, and has been fraudulently fabricated, typically in their offices on Liberty Street in Downtown Manhattan NY.

What is missing in your convoluted chain of title is that there was a ton of other parties involved in setting up that “Trust”, including some Delaware sham entity known as the “Depositor,” and then another sham known as the “Seller,” and more. When you burrow through that Prospectus you will find those entities listed. Now you have to dig out the Note, and find if those entities are individually and sequentially listed on the Note by consecutive Indorsements. Since Deutsche had their sticky fingers in the pie, you already know that they did not.

What State are you in? Yes, you need new counsel. You should never have gotten into this with old counsel.

You can still defeat them, but you probably will have to go file in District (Federal ) Court. You will have to sue Deutsche. Think in terms of suing them in the USDC for the Sou.Distr. NY, in White Plains, NY. Now you are not tangled up in the State-Fed politics of your local judges.

You cannot ask for Quiet title as you are asking for that in the State Court. You have to go in with entirely new grounds or they will not hear your case. So you sue them for fraud in interstate commerce. Try the “Commerce Clause” in the US Constitution (Amendment 16? I forget), to try to get “jurisdiction.” You get “venue” easily as Deutsche Bank is in NY. You do not need to show up; you just file and do your papers by mail. If yo ask for enough money, e.g. 40 million, then DB has something to start worrying about.

Right now, DB has no downside. If they lose, all they lose is some paper on some worthless piece of property in some state that is flooded with empty foreclosed houses that nobody can sell. So what do they care? DB probably does not even know or care that your lawsuit is going on; you are just dealing with lawyers that are running up their tab with DB, and DB has so many tabs that they do not try to keep track of it all. So you have to expose them to some serious hurt. A gigantic lawsuit is a good place to start.

You may assume that everything DB and those attys produce is utterly fraudulent. I have seen documents produced where the entire Trust Agreement was fabricated, and notarized by a notary who did not even get his first commission until two years after he swore that the parties were standing in front of him. Welcome to Wall Street banks – the international predator banks.

Besides Deutsche, Credit Suisse is also notorious for this type of flagrant fraud upon our Courts.