Florida County To Add Online Bidding: Open to FRAUD?

Buyers better watch what they buy and the risk with Foreclosed homes like ours!  BID RIGGING from the comfort of your home?

Florida County To Add Online Bidding
Florida’s Broward County, home to Fort Lauderdale, which has the state’s third-highest foreclosure rate, is taking an innovative step to make selling foreclosed properties faster and easier.

Broward plans to introduce an online system where bidders can make offers on properties from anywhere in the world. The online system is expected to market as many as 1,000 homes a week, double the number sold at courthouse auctions, says Broward Clerk of Courts Howard C. Forman.

Participants must put down a deposit equal to 5 percent of the estimated high bid for each property they hope to buy. When all participants have entered their best bid on a property, the system will evaluate them and declare the highest bidder the winner.

Officials say the online auctions will speed up the process, allow staff to do other things, and potentially save thousands of dollars every month.

Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel 903/22/2010)

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