OneWest Bank / IndyMac Horror Story: Lender Approves Loan Modification For Couple Several Months After Foreclosing & Giving Them The Boot

Family Approved for Loan Modification After Eviction

Posted: Mar 16, 2010 6:43 PM EDT Updated: Mar 17, 2010 3:45 PM EDT

LAS VEGAS — Gary and Paulette Stelton look through the mortgage paperwork of their old North Las Vegas home.

Last year, Paulette fell ill. Medical expenses swamped them. They tried to renegotiate their home loan with IndyMac Mortgage Services. Instead, IndyMac began foreclosure.

The Steltons now rent a home.

What they didn’t expect was a call from IndyMac this week congratulating them on being approved for a loan modification several months after IndyMac changed the locks.

“I wish the guy would have been here. I would have beat the living hell out of him — I’m sorry. They played games with us each and every month,” said Gary Stelton.

Ian Hirsch, with Fortress Credit Services, says IndyMac is one of the worst banks doing business in Nevada.

“Specifically with IndyMac Bank, I tell people that they have a loan with the devil,” he said.

IndyMac’s parent company says they never evicted the Steltons. They changed the locks after the Stelton’s refused to talk to the bank anymore. After repeated calls by 8 News Now, IndyMac Bank says they will look further into how they can help the Steltons keep their home.

IndyMac’s parent company OneWest Bank also calls the comments from Hirsch “inflammatory” and “confused.”

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