Our MEDIA BLACKOUT! Six degrees of (Wall Street) Separation.

Ok. I think to myself WOW! This might be an interesting article for one of today’s most influential media outlets. I put together a nice simple email which all points to the same links time after time. It’s not very hard to take a few minutes of everyday chores to check my information and right before your eyes you see FRAUD. Well in this case my fraud is millions of others fraud in everyday americans. I soon found myself looking into why the media is not picking up on this fraud. I sent tons of emails to no reply. I guess they are to busy chasing runaway Toyota PRIUSes…Perhaps they are not interested at all. I came across an interesting website:

The Deep Capture Analysis – by Patrick Byrne

The Setting
   1.The Players (hedge funds)
   2.The Pawns (journalists)
   3.The Regulators

The Crime
   4.The Crime: Naked Short Selling
   5.The Corporate Democracy Hoax
   6.Ruined Firms & Looted Pensions
   7.Systemic Risk

The Cover-up
   8.The Deep Capture Campaign
   9.The Hijacking of Social Media

I soon found myself addicted to Mr. Byrne’s site. 

Bottom line is you can’t bite the hand that feeds you or else. I read many articles that describe the Media as being afraid that if they dare put ANY negative information out there, they themselves will be left in the dark, hungry, unemployed and foreclosed on…wait that is many of us. You understand they risk on not getting any funding to stay alive since they depend on the loans provided by these Wall Street banks in order to survive. SHUT DOWN. I then began to search any media that portrayed the ugly side of the Banksters. I located The HUFFINGTON POST (Arianna Huffington a simple woman with a lot of voice behind her greek accent), as does Bloomberg and once in a while Vanity Fair for their explosive articles on Wall Street. The bloggers I usually follow in my blog are some I enjoy for their tremendous input…usually any insider information comes through them days before the media even gets to expose it. Perhaps they need approval.

So I hope this answers many of you why the media has not picked up on this. You will have to email highly respected Bloggers and post yourself on these sites to get the word out. Don’t depend on any of the Major networks to put this information out. When they seek an interview, they’ll only seek to discredit you.

 from Partick Byrne’s Site:


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