Former Fidelity National aka LPS CEO Kennedy retires…Hmmm

Monday, March 1, 2010, 9:29am CST

Former Fidelity National CEO Kennedy retires

The Business Journal of Milwaukee

Former Fidelity National Information Services president and CEO Lee Kennedy will retire as executive vice chairman and director of FIS, effective immediately, “in order to devote more time to outside interests.”

Fidelity National (NYSE: FIS), which acquired Brown Deer-based Metavante Technologies Inc. in October 2009, made the announcement Monday. Kennedy was 58 as of the latest FIS proxy statement.

Kennedy joined the FIS board in February 2006 and served as president and CEO until the acquisition of Metavante Technologies. Metavante CEO Frank Martire became CEO of the merged company, renamed FIS, and relocated to FIS headquarters in Jacksonville, Fla.

“The new leadership team is off to a strong start, and I have great confidence in the future of this company,” Kennedy said.

Terms of Kennedy’s employment agreement with FIS are confidential based on the company’s request to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The company said the agreement contains confidential commercial or financial information under the Freedom of Information Act and SEC officials determined the company does not have to publicly disclose the agreement.

FIS delivers banking and payments technologies to financial institutions and businesses.




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